Nov 23, 2023

The Danish Government is Reshuffling

A government reshuffle has taken place, which includes two new minister appointments. The Prime Minister’s Office writes in a press release.

Troels Lund Poulsen, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Defense will continue as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

New Ministers Appointed
At the same time, two new ministers will be appointed to join the government: Stephanie Lose (V) will be Minister of Economic Affairs, Morten Dahlin (V) will be Minister for Cities and Rural Affairs and Minister for Church Affairs and Nordic Co-operation.

New Green Committee
At the same time, the government is setting up a new Green Committee chaired by the Minister of Finance with the Minister of Defense, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister for the Environment, the Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and the Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities as permanent members.

It has also been decided that in future the Minister of Finance may appoint up to three special advisers in connection with the establishment of the Green Committee, and that ministers who are members of the Government’s Coordination Committee may in future appoint up to two special advisers.