Jun 14, 2022

Transatlantic Impact on Nordic Sustainability

AmCham Denmark, in partnership the Nordic AmChams, held an event on sustainable business featuring Bridget Fawcett, Global Co-Head of Sustainability & Corporate Transitions Investment Banking at Citi, and Romy Kenyon, Senior Sustainability Manager EMEA at 3M.

Bridget Fawcett, speaking from a financial sector perspective, spoke on the evolving US regulatory environment including government support for key technology sectors and the implication of sustainability commitments for capital flows and capital access for sustainable companies. Citi, who has partaken on the sustainability journey for over 20 years, announced in 2021 its commitment to Net Zero financed emissions by 2050, and a pledge of $1 trillion Sustainable Finance by 2030 goal to help advance the UN SDGs.

Romy Kenyon shared 3M’s sustainable business strategy, and how ESG reporting, and customer demands for information on sustainable practices help them stay ahead of legislation, anticipate trends and collaborate with suppliers, NGOs and government agencies. With a product line consisting of over 70,000 products selling in all parts of the globe with manufacturing sites in over 150 countries, 3M is a truly global company leveraging their position to lead and innovate for a more sustainable, ethical future. By applying science, they design solutions with less materials, advancing a circular global economy, innovate to accelerate global climate solutions, and create positive impact, leading with a purpose.