Jun 22, 2021

U.S.- Nordic Sustainability Investment is a Burgeoning Opportunity

On June 22, AmCham Denmark, in partnership with Citi and fellow Nordic AmChams, conducted a virtual seminar with Citi’s New York-based Bridget Fawcett, Global Chief Strategy Officer for Banking on the U.S.- Nordic sustainability investments.

During her presentation, Bridget Fawcett talked about how the global transition to sustainable industry is evolving rapidly under a range of pressures: net zero plans, consumer preferences, investor expectations and government policies. She also emphasized, how Nordic countries and companies are leaders of this transition. “When you level-set the population and GDP of respective regions and countries, it really shows the power of the Nordics in terms of per-capita investment dollars and productivity as a region.”

Additionally, with the White House vowing to “empower American workers and businesses to lead a clean energy revolution,” Fawcett shared her thoughts on how we can best seize upon the burgeoning co-investment opportunities propelling the transition?

This was the final pan-Nordic event before the summer bread, but look forward to new sessions in the Fall.