Sep 26, 2023

Insights from the 2023 Diversity Footprint Report

AmCham invited members to an event focused on the latest trends in DEI, presenting findings from Inclusive Matters’ “2023 C25 Diversity Footprint Report”.

During the discussion, Chandre Torpet, Founder and CEO of Inclusive Matters, shared her 5th Annual Diversity Footprint Report, a benchmark of the Danish C25 companies, that assesses how well they “walk the talk” of their Diversity & Inclusion programs.

The report provided the backdrop for our executive speakers: Margot Slattery, ISS Global Head of Diversity and Belonging, along with Christian Lauritsen, ISS Director of People & Culture. They shared insights on fostering a culture of belonging and elaborated on ISS’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

The event culminated in a panel discussion with employees from various backgrounds who shared their thoughts in a group discussion with the audience, focusing on how our unique identities can impact in the workplace. Thanks to our panelists Divya Rao, Margot Slattery, Moe Abrams and Beaux Miebach for sharing their personal experiences.

Read more about the 2023 Diversity Footprint Report here.