Jun 07, 2021

UPDATED: Travel Restrictions for Travel to Denmark

On June 5, the Danish authorities have updated the guidelines for vaccinated people in OECD countries, traveling to Denmark. The OECD countries include Great Britain and the United States. From June 5, vaccinated residents in those countries can freely travel to Denmark, without a worthy purpose or mandatory isolation and testing. Travelers will need proof of vaccination with one of the EMA approved vaccines, and they must have received the last dose of the vaccine more than 14 days before travel.

Children or pregnant or breastfeeding women traveling with a vaccinated residents from those countries may also enter Denmark without mandatory isolation, but must be tested upon arrival. Please visit covidtravelrules.dk for the most up-to-date information about entry into Denmark.

Non-vaccinated people are still required to adhere to the rules below.

From May 1st the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test has been extended from 24 hours prior to flying, to 48 hours. The 10-day isolation following travel from an orange or red country is still required.

To see the categorization of countries please visit this website.

Business meetings have been categorized as a worthy purpose if you are a resident in an orange country. Business travelers can break the mandatory 10-day isolation period to attend a business meeting or leave Denmark. Foreigners living in yellow countries can enter Denmark with a negative test, irrespective of the purpose of their entry. The list of worthy purposes and requirements can be viewed here.

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