Oct 10, 2023

UXV Technologies Named 2023 Transatlantic Company of the Year

An independent jury has chosen UXV Technologies as the winner of AmCham’s 2023 Transatlantic Company of the Year based on remarkable growth, innovation and focus on the U.S. Market.

The company has focused its efforts primarily on the U.S. market, establishing its first U.S. factory in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in June 2023 – the location chosen for its skilled workforce and unique industry ecosystem. The factory, which is already fully operational, produces key technologies such as ground control stations and sensors for unmanned systems across land, air, and maritime domains.

Spokesperson for the jury Jørgen Bardenfleth says: “With 85% of the UXV Technologies’ revenue coming from the U.S., the remarkable growth trajectory in the U.S. is clear for UXV Technologies: Since 2022, its revenue has tripled, profits have increased 8-fold, and their workforce has almost doubled- all from organic growth.”

The company aims to become a trusted advisor and partner to the U.S. Department of Defense and has recently signed a contract to design and develop a standard ground control station with the U.S. Army’s Department of Defense Innovation Unit  – as the first Danish company to partner with DIU.

Innovation is in the fabric of the company,  for example their primary product, Ground Control Systems (GCS), are generations ahead of the competition. In addition, their revolutionary soldier-worn standard radio module—a universal “one unit-one form factor” control system for a wide range of UXVs (Unmanned Vehicles), leading to unparalleled field flexibility and functionality.

Steven Friberg, CEO UXV Technologies says: “We are so proud and grateful for this recognition as AmCham’s 2023 Transatlantic Company of the Year. Our focus on the U.S. market has been very deliberate. In times where the world is experiencing war and increased tension, the need for powerful tools for the armed forces is hugely in focus – and we want to contribute to being a part of the solution to support our allies.”

AmCham Denmark is proud to recognize UXV Technologies as the 2023 Transatlantic Company of the Year. “This award highlights the importance of the U.S. market for Danish companies and showcases examples of excellence for others to follow. With their innovative products, UXV Technologies is truly a worthy recipient of this award,” says Stephen Brugger, AmCham Executive Director.

AmCham would like to congratulate this year’s other finalists: COWI, FLSmidth, Foss & ISS – who were all very qualified and made the jury’s decision extremely difficult.