Oct 24, 2023

Venstres leader Jakob Ellemann-Jensen Resigns from Politics

On Monday, October 23, Minister for the Economy and chairman of Venstre, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen resigned. He will not “be a burden to the party”. Venstre will remain in the government, and the political leadership will temporarily be handled by Minister of Defense, Troels Lund Poulsen.

My person casts a shadow on Venstre’s results in the government. And my person shadows the fact that Venstre can move forward again. That is why I am taking the consequences now and resigning as chairman of Venstre,” Jakob Ellemann-Jensen said at the press conference.

Venstre is currently in a historically bad position in the opinion polls. Add to that there is great anger among farmers and Venstre’s own members about the planned law on CO2 tax on agriculture.

The future leadership of Venstre will be decided at the party’s annual meeting on November 18-19.