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Employee Mental Health and Well Being

HR Committee: Employee Health & Well Being

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to announce its theme for 2022 focusing on ‘The Evolution of HR’ which will look at how HR is evolving from an administrative function to a people-centric organization. During the year, the committee will hold 3 events on the topic.

The first event in the series, titled “The Evolution of HR: Employee Mental Health & Well Being,” will examine how employers today must safeguard their employees on a more holistic level – finding ways to remotely monitor health and safety, spotting signs of psychological stress or other danger signals.

The pandemic exacerbated mental health issues, and today we are dealing with war, economic stresses (inflation, supply chain issues) combined with a labor market that is extremely pressed to find talent.

With that in mind, employee well-being is a necessity in order to attract, retain and engage their employees. Employees who feel that their company cares about their well-being are more likely to feel included at work, less likely to suffer from burnout, and more likely to recommend the company as a great place to work- all of which lead to better business results.

During the event we will hear from executives on how they are promoting employee well being within their own organizations.

Speakers include:

  • Cori Petersen, Cori Petersen, Chief HR & HSE Officer, FLSmidth
  • Cecilie Schulz Pedersen, Business Psychologist & Occupational Health and Safety Lead (Nordic / Benelux), IBM
  • Robin Lynn Burnosky, Global Health & Well-being Lead, Ørsted

Additionally, Limeade Institute’s Melodie Berzia, Senior Director International & Amanda Fielder, Employee Experience Manager will present a data-driven report on employee well being and it’s impact on the organization, along with tips on how to advance your company’s well-being maturity to achieve maximum benefits for the business and your employees.

We hope you will join us!