Jan 03, 2022

HR Committee Events Theme for 2022: The Evolution of HR

Theme Overview: “The Evolution of HR”
During this year we will look at how HR is evolving – to the point where the term HR itself is starting to be challenged, with more companies utilizing human-centric terms like “People & Culture” or “Employee Experience.” With more and more hybrid working models, employers must consider how to monitor and promote their employee’s mental health and well-being, and with the competition for talent globally being so fierce, employers must offer more flexible and holistic working conditions in order to attract the right people. On top of it all, Leaders must learn to lead new kind of workforce. This year we will investigate these changes in the HR organization, and what companies are doing to make room for employees while maintaining company culture, employee engagement & ultimately drive performance with an aligned business and people strategy.

The Evolution of HR: Employee Mental Health & Well Being (Q1)
During this event we will examine how employers today must safeguard their employee’s
health and well-being. How can businesses meet the individual requests for flexible working
and at the same time look out for health and safety? Does employee well-being contribute
directly to a company’s profitability? Where is the line between an employee’s work life and
private sphere? It is clear that working remotely has created a challenge for the employees’
mental health – and certainly more difficult for leaders to spot signs of psychological stress
or similar danger signals from an employee.

The Evolution of HR: Creating a Hybrid Company Culture (Q2)
In times of disruption, leaders must be intentional about building workplace culture where
employees feel connected, collaborative and engaged– wherever they work. With the
massive shift towards a hybrid workplace model, what can companies do to create a
company culture, where both the people and the business can thrive? When employees
show up at the office it has to be worth the travel, and when they are remote that need to
feel a part of the culture. During this event we will discuss culture as the organizational
‘glue’ – and within that, the impact of company purpose, performance feedback,
transparency, inclusion and equity.

The Evolution of HR: Leadership Development in a new Paradigm (Q3/4)
The shift in demands and expectations from the employees requires a corresponding shift in
leadership approach. How does HR prepare leaders to utilize their leadership skills to meet
the changed expectations? When working remotely teams might miss out on collaboration
and the advantage of collective intelligence – and tend to work individually or in silos. How
can leaders actively facilitate collaboration both with their teams, but also between
departments and the organization? Additionally, how much can we expect teams to self-lead
– or do leaders need to set boundaries – and how much?

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