Navigating HR During Challenging Times

The Impact of Inflation on Salary & Benefits

The Impact of Inflation on Salary & Benefits

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to invite you to the first event of the year focused on inflation and a looming recession.

Leaders are questioning where to place their resources, and how to stay the course, when uncertainty is overshadowing the route. Over the next year, AmCham’s HR Committee will investigate the importance of staying focused on the workforce during times of adversity, as a method of weathering the storm.

During our first event in the theme, “The Impact of Inflation on Salary & Benefits”, we will talk with leaders who are struggling with the question of what to do to help employees offset the higher cost of living. Should employers offer across the board pay raises? Or one-off bonuses? And how do these impact from a macroeconomic perspective?

Join us for this discussion on dealing with compensation & benefits during times of inflation, where we will hear from executives from various sectors on their approaches, along with an economist who will share an economic outlook – as well as shed light on salary impact in a broader context.

Speakers include:

  • Helge Pedersen, Group Chief Economist, Nordea Bank
  • Keld Smedegaard Nielsen, Director HQ & Global Business Services Rewards, Novo Nordisk
  • Anne Marie Ravn, HR Director & Board Member, IBM

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