Jan 02, 2023

AmCham HR Committee Announces 2023 Events Program

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to announce its 2023 Events Program which will focus on “Navigating HR During Challenging Times.”

When we combine inflation, recession, the pandemic, goods and energy shortages and geopolitical challenges with changes in supply and demand of labor in the market, the last few years have challenged companies in an unprecedented way. Heading into 2023, leaders are questioning where to place their resources, and how to stay the course, when uncertainty is overshadowing the route. Over the next year, AmCham’s HR Committee will investigate the importance of staying focused on the workforce during times of adversity, as a method of weathering the storm.

EVENT #1: The Impact of Inflation on Salary & Benefits (March 14, 2023-register here)
With inflation, the energy crisis and a looming recession, leaders are struggling with the issue of salary & benefits for current and future employees in order to attract and retain them. With a still hot labor market, employees are seeking remuneration to make up the difference lost in the current economy. Should employers offer across the board pay raises? Or one-off bonuses to offset the higher cost of living? If they don’t do anything they risk losing current employees – or not being competitive enough to attract them. There is also the risk of employees ‘quiet quitting’ where they disengage but remain on the staff which is very hard to detect. During this event we will hear from executives on their strategies in dealing with compensation & benefits during times of economic unrest.

EVENT #2: Focus on Workforce Planning in 2023 (Q2 2023)
Workforce planning is key – right sizing the organization based on core needs, to navigate the current and future business landscape Where is the company going? What skills & capabilities do we need to get there? Do we have the right talent? Should we reskill? Should we down-scale?  What are the factors that affect attraction and engagement and retention, and do we have the systems in place to track these? Broad representation (DEI), flexibility, ESG and proper onboarding are just a few of the offerings that can impact the ability to keep staff engaged and motivated. However, during challenging times, these offerings/values can get pushed to the side in favor of budget cuts. During this event we will hear from leaders on how they are using workforce planning to stay ahead of the curve, and on course.

EVENT #3: Adapting Company Culture in Challenging Times (Q3/4 2023)
In times of adversity, leaders must be intentional about building workplace culture where employees feel healthy & connected in order to attract and retain them. Many companies are working with concepts such as ‘Work from Anywhere’ – but how do we solve the issue of connection and bonding with remote work and differences in time zones? Also, how do we manage burnout for our most critical, and therefore engaged employees? During this event we will look at concrete examples from executives on the steps they are taking to improve culture to retain their workers and ensure that the business can thrive.