Jul 06, 2022

AmCham Denmark’s Board of Directors Meets with U.S. Ambassador, Alan Leventhal

On July 6, AmCham Denmark’s Board of Directors was honored to meet with Alan Leventhal, the recently appointed U.S. Ambassador to the U.S. Embassy in the Kingdom of Denmark. Also joining the meeting was Jennifer Hall Godfrey, who is the new Deputy Chief of Mission.

During the session, Ambassador Leventhal underlined the importance of the long-standing bilateral trade relationship between Denmark and the U.S. and pledged his support to further strengthen investments and job creation in our two great nations.

AmCham Denmark looks forward to working closely with Ambassador Leventhal and the team at the U.S. Embassy to further develop Danish – American business relations.

Thanks to board member Klaus Borello and Coca-Cola for hosting the meeting at their wonderful offices in Hellerup.

Read more about U.S. Ambassador Alan Leventhal here.