Doing Good Business by Doing Good

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen and Foreningen Nydansker, has launched a great initiative of refugee mentoring and internship programs. AmCham serves as a business partner on these programs by supporting Foreningen Nydansker in developing and evaluating career programs for highly skilled refugees.

Why Should You Engage Your Company?
The number of refugees coming to Denmark has increased considerably over the past few years. Studies show that the key to successful integration is through the labor market. Join companies such as Novo Nordisk, IBM, Roche, DTU, Bayer and DONG Energy who have partnered up with Foreningen Nydansker to launch mentoring or internship programs targeting integration of highly skilled refugees into the Danish labor market.

The initiative was launched in the Fall of 2015 and results show that these programs for highly skilled refugees, initiated through corporate volunteering, have not only proved to be successful in integrating refugees into the Danish labor market, but have also had a positive impact on the employees engaged in the programs as well.

Engage Your Company in Two Ways:

Launching a mentoring program at your facility is a great way to engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives. It not only makes a huge difference to the individual refugee, but also develops the skills and knowledge of your company’s employees.

With this program, companies invite their employees to volunteer as mentors for highly skilled refugees. Mentor and mentee meet 1-2 times a month for 6 months. This unique concept matches mentors and mentees who share the same professional background. The aim is that the refugees receive field specific guidance and support in relation to their job search in Denmark.

To learn more about IBM’s refugee mentoring program, click here.

To read the guide on how to start a program at your facility, click here.

With an internship program, companies invite departments to volunteer to take in a highly skilled refugee for a 13 weeks’ unpaid internship, three days a week. The intern is assigned a buddy from the department, who supports the intern throughout the internship.

This unique concept matches refugees with a department based on professional skills. The aim is to help the refugees to get more practical experiences within their professional fields and help them getting one step closer to the Danish job market.


If you are interested in learning more, please contact the AmCham Secretariat or Foreningen Nydansker.

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