Jan 12, 2022

New Years Message from the Chair

Welcome Back and Happy New Year from the AmCham Board & Staff.

We hope you have started 2022 in good health and with a promising year ahead. As you are well aware, the pandemic continues to impact our activities and therefore you will see an emphasis on virtual events in the first part of the year.  However, we hope to soon get back to meeting in person and very much look forward to seeing you then.  Check out our exciting 2022 events.

Still waiting for a U.S. Ambassador
No word yet on the future U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, but we do expect a nomination will come soon. In the meantime, I can assure you that our strong partnership with the U.S. Embassy is thriving under the leadership of Chargé d’Affaires, Stuart Dwyer.

Making the most of your membership
As we start 2022, we want to encourage you and your colleagues to make full use of your AmCham membership.  AmCham can be a great benefit for your leadership team as well as your wider organization. You are encouraged to spread the word about AmCham to relevant colleagues to allow them to keep up with coming opportunities for networking and professional engagement.  For your international employees, this is a particularly strong benefit and can be a great onboarding and inclusion tool to engage actively with AmCham.

Cross industry leadership gives AmCham an edge
One of the biggest advantages AmCham brings over other industry organizations is that we are cross-industry.  Groups like our HR, Healthcare and Security Forums as well as AccessUSA provide opportunities not only to engage on relevant topics with our speakers and government contacts, but they also give leaders a chance to engage with and source ideas from diverse perspectives across the spectrum of business.

Growing new leaders
This year we have introduced a new Mentoring Program to help grow international leaders in member companies.  We look forward to supporting and seeing the growth of individuals in that program as well as provide the opportunity for their networks to flourish. We will keep you updated on how the program progresses.

Expanding influence in Denmark and the U.S.
We are continually seeking new opportunities to expand the influence of AmCham and its members and continue our mission of being the voice of international business in Denmark and the bridge for Danish based organizations to the United States.  If you have ideas or inputs for us to consider, we encourage you to reach out to any member of the AmCham Board or our AmCham Team to discuss.

Best wishes for an excellent start to the year!

Tisha Boatman
AmCham Chairwoman
(Siemens Healthineers)